I can fix most anything
but I can't make me complete.
The manual is out of print
and the parts are obsolete.

A *real* update is due soon...maybe.
cerebral \Cer"e*bral\ - adjective
  1. Of or relating to the brain or cerebrum.
  2. Involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct.
flux \Flux\ - noun
  1. The act of flowing; a continuous moving on or passing by, as of a flowing stream; constant succession; change.
  2. The setting in of the tide toward the shore, -- the ebb being called the reflux.
  3. The state of being liquid through heat; fusion.
  4. (Chemistry & Metallurgy) Any substance or mixture used to promote the fusion of metals or minerals, as alkalies, borax, lime, fluorite.
    Note: White flux is the residuum of the combustion of a mixture of equal parts of niter and tartar. It consists chiefly of the carbonate of potassium, and is white. Black flux is the residuum of the combustion of one part of niter and two of tartar, and consists essentially of a mixture of potassium carbonate and charcoal.
  5. (Medicine) (a) A fluid discharge from the bowels or other part; especially, an excessive and morbid discharge; as, the bloody flux or dysentery. (b) The matter thus discharged.
  6. (Physics) The quantity of a fluid that crosses a unit area of a given surface in a unit of time.